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Creative and Effective Marketing

To remain competitive in today’s ever changing market, Realtors cannot just rely on old methods to serve their listing clients. Sad but true, there are some Realtors who are stuck in the past with their own idea of a real estate marketing plan. It goes a little something like this:

Plant a sign in the yard.
Post the property on the MLS.
Pray a buyer comes along…

These 3 Ps actually worked well for a while, even without price reductions, when the market was hot. However, today’s competitive market requires a more professional and strategic approach if you want to sell your house at top dollar.

Marketing plans are usually hung on a framework called the Marketing Mix. The original marketing plan or ‘marketing mix’ is built around the traditional 4 P’s of marketing i.e. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. This also applies to real estate.

PRODUCT – More Than Just Your Home

Most homes are made of the same materials, just put together differently. So how can you make yours stand out?

We work with homeowners to put together a superior listing that will beat out a similar structure that is simply presented as a house. The key is identifying the subtle differences and showcasing them in your marketing plan.

PRICE – Proper Pricing of Your Home

We will perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your property. This will give you an idea of where your home fits in the big picture.

How important is accurate pricing of your home? It is critical! If you overprice your home, you will actually be working against yourself, sending buyers elsewhere to a ‘better bargain.’ An overpriced home will stand out and make other homes on the market look better by comparison. In addition, fewer agents will take the time to preview it because they know local market conditions and property values. On the other hand, by under pricing your home, you could lose out on potential profits.

Accurate pricing coupled with an emphasis on your home’s value will make your listing more competitive and provide a better net profit for you, the seller.

Keep in mind that in the end, the market determines the value of your home, which brings us to the next facet of the marketing mix.

PLACE – Getting Your Home on the Market

In very basic economics, the distribution system is very simple. For example, a farmer produces a crop and takes it to a market in exchange for a price. The market is the “place” or his distribution system. The more complex the economy, the more complex the distribution system can be.

The market is the place or the distribution system of your property. Think of us as the primary distribution system for your real estate.

We recognize there are two audiences to reach, Buyers and the Distribution Channel, the latter of which includes the buyer agents. Unfortunately, there are many agents who do their clients an injustice by overlooking this critical fact.

The local agents who work with homebuyers are also a part of that distribution system, acting as an additional sales force to our team. We recognize the value of this powerful force and also design our marketing with agents in mind. By holding agent open houses, we are able to ‘sell’ your property to these professionals first for the most effective sales effort.

With global businesses, we are seeing an increase in buyers coming from overseas. We target both international firms and websites, as well as leverage our Keller Williams colleagues across 6 continents, in order to expose your property to poential buyers overseas.

We also harness the power of the Internet by featuring your property on the Multiple Listing System (MLS), many high traffic websites, to our extensive client base, and to social communities in a strategic effort to target potential buyers.

But here is where we significantly differ from most other Realtors... on a daily basis, we proactively search for active buyers for your home until it sells.

The whole purpose of all promotional activity on the market is to secure showings of your house. Reaching both audiences results in optimum showings for your listing.

PROMOTION – Your House is Unique

Marketing involves creating an emotional connection between the product and the audience you are trying to reach.

We will highlight your property’s unique and strongest features, and those of the surrounding area, in a way that is most appealing and advantageous to potential buyers. Your listing will be creatively written to make the buyers want to live in your home and be a part of the neighbourhood. And, where other agents may stop, we will go the extra mile... there really is no limit to our creativity.

Toronto East – Your Real Estate Marketing Specialists

A deeper look at the many facets of marketing is revealing. In today’s challenging real estate market, you need representation by a focused and current real estate professional with an effective marketing plan that leverages the tools of modern technology.

Our team employs an effective marketing strategy as an antidote for the old school ‘3 P’s’ approach. Isn’t that the kind of representation you want in an agent? Contact us today to discuss a strategy that’s right for you.